Rocky Road

I was on holiday at my dad’s house in Devon, a week or so after I had found out I was lactose intolerant, when I tasted my first piece of heavenly Rocky Road. I had been good at saying no, up until that point, when offered chocolate, and cakes and other items of food that contained dairy. But one whiff of rich creamy dark chocolate and I was sold. Who cared about the tummy ache? Not me!

The piece I had was from a tiny little bakery in the village which sells some of the most wonderful, homemade, baked goods I have tasted.

I spent the rest of the holiday and then most of August besotted with the thought of that Rocky Road and went about trying to find a recipe that matched it most closely.

I happened upon Nigella’s recipe for Rocky Road Crunch Bars and they looked very similar, so I went about making them:

As I had never made Rocky Road before, I crushed the biscuits a little too vigorously and ended up with a delicious, but very rich and paste-like underneath. For the second batch, I was a little more cautious and they turned out beautifully!


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