Gingerbread Muffins

Good Evening Everyone,

Tonight I’m off to celebrate Christmas with my best friends. Due to a hectic schedule and all of us being busy at different times during the holiday’s this was the closest to Christmas that we could all fit it in.

Yesterday, I packed up and moved out of my university house and am now back at home in Marlborough. This has meant the house has been a little chaotic and my baking stuff ranges from 2 different cupboards in the kitchen all the way to our attic rooms (where most of my things went when I got back).

I decided that I would bake some cakes for my night with the girls tonight, and thought it would help improve a rather stressed mood. How wrong was I!

All bakers know that sometimes cakes most definitely do not do what you want them to do. I was asked to see if I could make the Gingerbread Cupcakes that I made for my family party a little bigger, and so this time I used muffin cases.

I was rushed in preparing the recipe, so didn’t put enough of the spices needed to make the sponge taste like gingerbread. I then tried to put two tins in a half sized oven, which meant they didn’t rise properly and just spilled over the sides. Then I added a little too much milk to the buttercream and it became runny. I iced a bit too soon and so the buttercream began to melt. By which time, my ‘relaxing’ activity of baking cakes for my evening was no longer relaxing, and was actually the most stressful part of my day.

Lesson of the day: Take my time! Cakes need patience!

I managed to make one look okay (the one in the picture- still not amazing though!). Don’t think I’ll be taking them along to my girls night!

Until the next batch,

Emily x


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