Spiced Orange and Almond Cake

My first ‘true’ alternative. Both Gluten and Dairy free, this recipe uses ground almonds and pureed Easy Peeler oranges as opposed to butter and flour.

The recipe I used is from Waitrose:


I loved baking this cake. The kitchen, from the beginning, due to the boiling oranges, smells really christmassy. I also love baking cakes which have a bit of ‘extra’ to do in the recipe, such as having to separate the eggs and whisk them up individually. It makes baking an experience.

It was quite easy to put together once all the ingredients were ready. Then you chuck it in the oven for almost an hour which means you can just forget about it! (I catalogued the freezer whilst mine was baking). Though don’t forget it!

Once it’s out of the oven, you slice the oranges and sprinkle some icing sugar over the top for decorative effect- no need to wait until its cooled down (Nice and easy!). I drizzled some maple syrup over mine because I love the warmth it adds.

The texture is very different to any cake I normally make. I would liken it to a Banana Bread, though utterly different. But the flavours are amazing and I love that it’s a true alternative!

Until the next batch,

Emily x


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