Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Icing

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Christmas mania has meant that I have had barely any time to do anything, let alone bake a cake.

I have tried Red Velvet Cake only a couple of times in my life. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to make them only one other time due to them being one of my friends favourites.

I had been pining and pining for a stand alone mixer for quite some time and I was lucky enough to be given one for Christmas. A powder blue Andrew James mixer (YAY! – and it matches my logo!). I decided that it was time to brave the world of the Red Velvet Cupcake, which, up until now, has seemed like a science.

As I have told you before- I LOVE YouTube videos when it comes to baking (you will find almost anything!) and this is the best recipe I found.

She uses Cider Vinegar, Buttermilk (which I didn’t have any of, so I used Semi-Skimmed Milk and a squeeze of lemon juice) and Red Food Paste (I already had some which I’d bought from HobbyCraft).

It’s an easy to follow, easy to use recipe. I would recommend watching it through a couple of times beforehand so you get the idea of what’s going to happen and in what order. Spoilers don’t really matter when it comes to baking- you do want to know what they are going to turn out like!

I burnt a couple of mine (accidentally-on-purpose) which meant I could put them through a food processer to create fine crumbs to sprinkle on the top (Obviously, cut the burnt bits off).

The mixture made 28 moist, dense, crumbly cupcakes which were in the words of my mum- ‘Worth having fat thighs for’.

Until the next batch

Emily x








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