The Marathon

Starting up a business is a 2 steps forward, 1 step back kind of game.

Setting up this business meant leaving university in November to really go for following my dream. I unfortunately have a tendency to drift, so I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t let that happen. In order to do so, I promised myself that I would achieve at least 1 thing a day to move the business forward.

In December, I had my business cards printed, they looked awesome. I also took my cakes around the trading estates a week or so before Christmas, and managed to sell 17 (!), it was amazing and filled me with a huge sense of accomplishment.

In January, I bought 200 flyers, registered the business and signed up for a health and safety course. I wrote my first few blogs, set up my facebook and Instagram page, baked a whole bunch of new flavours and started taking a few orders. I kept promising myself to find car boot sales to go to, to go back to the trading estate to ask if they wanted to make it a regular thing.


In February, I was still baking, albeit less frequently, trying to find a secondary source of income, took a couple of orders but had lost my confidence a little bit. It’s easy when you love baking, it’s not so easy when people aren’t eating what you bake. The amount of cake I’ve thrown away is unbelievable! (It’s not wastage, it’s practice!) I filled in my Evironmental Health Agency self-assessment questionnaire, and was cleared to start baking. I did my health and safety course at the end of February and because of it, felt inspired to learn again. But my love of baking was disrupted by the pressure I put on myself each and every time I looked at my gorgeous cupboard full of baking goodies!

This week, I’ve woken up with a renewed sense of determination to make this work. Those 200 flyers had the wrong phone number on, so I never handed them out. This morning I changed them, using a sticky label and a biro, I went through and re-wrote my phone number 200 times, tomorrow- I will hand them out. I bought my public liability insurance today, and got in touch with the council about maybe having a market stall.

For people like me, one step at a time, one thing at a time, works. This is a marathon, not the 100m sprint.

Until the next batch,





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