Fondant Icing and 12″ Cakes

I haven’t posted in a while so it’s about time I got back to the world of blogging..

A few weeks ago, I tackled two baking challenges at the same time. Fondant Icing and a 12 inch sponge. After a rather unsuccessful baking fiasco, partially due to pressure and inexperience, I was hesitant to pick up the wooden spoon again.

I planned on being completely prepared this time, which meant spending a ridiculous amount on all the right tools and equipment. I bought a non-stick fondant rolling mat, the fondant icing (all my research led to the outcome that shop bought is best), a cake leveller (large and sharp enough to slice the cake evenly), a cake board and finally food colouring paste in a variety of colours. Luckily I already have a non-stick rolling pin (though I will definitely be investing in a larger one as mine is only 20cm), letter cutters and a side big enough to do all of this on.

On the morning of the cake day, I went to my local cake shop and rented a 12″ pan.

I then set about making the sponge. For the mixture, I used my vanilla sponge recipe, multiplied by 2.5 thanks to the up scaling guide by Sweet to Eat Baking (

I divided the mixture into two and then baked them separately.

Whilst they were cooling, I whipped up a simple vanilla buttercream and then filled and crumb-coated the cake. The cake then went in the fridge for half and hour/ 40 minutes whilst I started on the fondant icing.

I kneaded the fondant icing and rolled it out, and covered the cake with white fondant.

The Logo

Using my food pastes, I made the colours for each of the circles, and used a cookie cutter to cut the circles for the cake.

I added them to the cake with buttercream and rolled two colours together to create the ombre effect between the circles. I cut the wording out using my letter cutters and with that the cake was made!


Until the next batch.









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